The ugly face of the ‘Beauty Guru’

Wilting rose

wilting rose

Let me start by saying that I do not dislike ALL ‘beauty gurus’ – although I detest that phrase! This post is just to highlight some of the concerning things I’ve been noticing in the so called beauty ‘community’ and I thought I’d share my two cents.

Now if you don’t know, I am a beauty blogger, as well as a Youtuber and I loved doing both of these things for a very long time. However more recently I’ve been stepping away from it all as I find the ‘community’ to be – well –  ugly. I remember the days when a person would just switch on their camera and film on their bed their Primark haul or a simple tutorial – all for the fun of it. Or people would just discuss what they love on their blogs – because they truly loved the products or they want to just share their day with you! It’s becoming more rare to find individuals that still have that genuine nature and it irks me.

One thing that has risen out of this whole change is the term ‘beauty guru’ and with that the sense of entitlement and ignorance that quite frankly leaves me put off. You see the same faces over and over again, with the same language being used and the same products being discussed. Everyone is ‘obsessed’ with the same product or pushing their *cough* Morphe codes (disclaimer – other companies do exist!). Bragging about money and expenses is now common practice, with the ‘I Spent $1000 in Sephora’ hauls, and these ‘gurus’ have now become idols to be worshipped. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that people are becoming successful, but the more success some gain the more sinister their intentions seem to be.

movie directorAn ugly aspect I’ve seen develop from this ‘beauty guru’ fascination, is the rise of what I can only phrase as ‘justified’ bullying. Now I know a lot of these ‘gurus’ experience a lot of trolls and hate, however this is not what I’m referring to. I’m referring to the easy acceptance of ‘gurus’ mocking individuals or name calling or even demonstrating racist or sexist behaviour. Most may argue that if a person has apologised for their actions then we should move on – and I would totally agree. But what I see is many using that same argument to excuse their current behaviour – and I’m sorry – one apology does not excuse any future bullying behaviour. What saddens me the most is that you see a clique forming – similar to a ‘Mean Girls’ clique – that rally around and try to excuse the behaviours of their ‘friends’.

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With the rise of brand trips, social media fame, product PR, and everything else that seems to come with being a ‘guru’ the honesty amongst many is questionable. By the way – brand trips are not a new thing! Brands used to take journalists away all the time to discuss their products – the method hasn’t changed but the lavishness has. It’s now feeding into that self-centredness that consumes a lot of the beauty ‘community’ and is producing many bloggers / vloggers who also want to experience it so start morphing into their favourite ‘guru’ – and everyone becomes the same. It becomes this vicious cycle of ugliness. In the blogging community in particular I’ve noticed this with rise of the ‘fake it ’til I make it’ mentality – literally. Many are buying their following, likes and engagement whilst claiming to be genuine and honest. It’s an ugly game, which I have no interest in playing.

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As I am, I can’t bring myself to engage in or with anyone in this ‘community’ that does any of the above. If that means that I don’t get free products – that’s fine I can live with having to buy my products like 99% of the population! If that means that I’m not part of the cool kids group – that’s fine too, as it means that I know the friendships I form are genuine and not because I want to take from other people’s following. If that means my social media following doesn’t grow to thousands and beyond – that’s perfectly ok, because I write and film because of my interests and those that choose to support me I’ll be forever grateful to them!

Please note that Spoken Reveries is all about me voicing my thoughts – and these are my honest opinions on what has been happening recently. I’ve got plenty more to say, so definitely be sure to subscribe for more!

Vicky x



  1. Paisley
    July 24, 2017 / 10:40 pm

    Beautifully said, I also watch your youtube channel! Thank you so much for your insight.

    • Victoria
      July 24, 2017 / 9:43 pm

      Thank you hun! Sometimes I just need to spill some home truths lol! Thanks for reading, commenting and watching! Xx

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