All products mentioned in text

All products mentioned in text

When it comes to my makeup, I’m definitely one that needs to make sure that I remain oil-free for as long as possible. With oily-combination skin, I sometimes find it very difficult finding that right primer or foundation that will really help with keeping my makeup on.

I’ve decided to start a new series where I focus on one particular brand, and today I’ve decided to talk all about some of my favourite products from Urban Decay that keep my makeup looking fresh all day (and night!). Urban Decay are definitely a brand to turn to for innovation and creativity when it comes to the makeup game, but they also are a brand that I turn to when I want to return to some tried and trusted products. For example their Naked Skin Concealer is (hands down) my favourite concealer on the market, whilst their setting sprays are known to be one of the best for keeping your makeup lasting all day and night.

For makeup to last on my face all day and night, I need to ensure I have a good routine in place. My skin care regime has definitely helped improve the appearance of makeup on my skin, however having a good primer is important. Now I’ll be honest and say that I have never tried any of the Urban Decay primers so I can’t comment too much on their performance, but I am aware that they have a very extensive range to suit all skin types! If you have oily skin like me, then using a primer that is oil-free but also mattifying will help a lot.

Urban Decay Shapeshifter

Now for me, colour correcting is very important, as sometimes I find that my hyperpigmentation peeks through my makeup. I was very happy to see that Urban Decay recently released their new Shapeshifter palette and I picked up the Med/Dark palette for contouring and colour correcting. They have a very deep orange in the palette that works very well on my skin tone to balance out my pigmentation.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundations 12.0 and 9.75

UD All Nighter foundation swatches

Once I’ve primed and colour corrected, I apply my foundation. The Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is one of my favourite full coverage foundations for oily skin. A little of this foundation definitely goes a long way, and their shade range is quite extensive. The foundation applies a medium to full coverage which is buildable, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It does settle into a matte finish, however it doesn’t appear dry on the skin. Most importantly, this foundation lasts for hours! I personally do not carry makeup around with me, so I love wearing this foundation when I’ve got a long day ahead as I find that I don’t need to touch up or if I do it’ll be a light blot on my nose. The only caution I’d say about this foundation is that I’d recommend you get matched in store, as the shades, although extensive, can run quite pink or red tone. Urban Decay kindly sent me the shade 9.75 and I already had the shade 12.0 in my collection. As you can see in the swatches both shades are not my true match, but when mixed together they work well. Oh I nearly forgot to mention that I have experienced this foundation oxidising on me, so I would recommend going a little lighter when shade matching!

UD Naked Skin Concealers

Naked Skin Concealers swatched

As I mentioned before, my favourite concealer is the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer. Now, I know the foundation is full coverage, however the great thing about the Naked Skin concealer is that it gives you a natural appearance and doesn’t feel too heavy under the eyes when concealing. It gives me enough coverage, without appearing ‘cakey’ and sets into a nice matte finish without appearing dry. I also find that it doesn’t crease on my skin, and I’ve been known to use it as a foundation on days where I’ve wanted very minimal makeup! This is another product in their range that comes in extensive shades, with varying tones too!

UD De-slick setting spray

I would typically set my face with a powder, however I haven’t yet tried any Urban Decay setting powders, so unfortunately I can’t recommend any at this time. However I will be writing a post on my recommended face powders for oily skin, so definitely keep a look out! The final step for setting my face is to use a setting spray and I have to say that Urban Decay has some of the best setting sprays on the market. The De-Slick spray they sent me works very well in keeping my makeup set for the day and is also very refreshing. It’s a spray that’s designed for those with oily skin, so you can rest assured that your oils remain in place. One tip I learnt recently, is to spray your face, then fan it dry and then spray again – it definitely helps with the longevity!

UD Vice liquid lipstick 'Doublecrossed'

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick 'Doublecrossed' lipswatch

Now one of the the biggest surprises to me was the Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick. I tend to find matte liquid lipsticks quite drying on my lips and so have been put off them. However the comfort matte formula by Urban Decay is one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. It is a light weight cream formula, that dries down matte but feels quite moisturising. I wore this liquid lipstick for about 10 hours the other day and it did not fade and nor did it transfer. In fact, it lasted so well, that when it came to taking it off I could only use an oil! Urban Decay kindly sent me the shade Doublecrossed (Urban Decay exclusive), which is a deep purple comfort matte formula with some slight shimmer. There was very minimal fall out throughout the day of the shimmers, and the colour remained vibrant. I’m definitely going to purchase some more of this formula!

I hope this gave you a good round up of recommendations from the Urban Decay range! These are just some of the products I love – I haven’t even started on their eyeshadows and highlighters!

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