Guess what?! I found my wedding dress! I know – so quickly – I can’t actually believe it myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

The other day, my mum and I decided to go to a few bridal stores just to see what’s out there. We were expecting to spend the whole day going from store to store. We never expected to actually find a dress, let alone pay for one too. The first store we visited was the most local to us – and that was the last bridal store too.

When we arrived instore we were the only customers, so the ladies had a lot of time for us. They were very helpful and asked what I was looking for. I asked for a long sleeve bridal dress with lace – however they quickly burst my bubble by telling me that it would be very difficult to find such a dress. They then gave me a dress to go and try on. I reluctantly went into the changing rooms and the assistant helped me getting into the gown – I hated it. They then brought out another two gowns for me to try on. The second gown was a beautiful ivory lace gown with crystal straps and a mermaid type tail. It was gorgeous, but not the one for me (although my mum loved it!). The final dress I tried on (I won’t describe here as it’s my chosen gown) was just perfect. As soon as I saw it my eyes lit up, and when she made some adjustments to it I just knew I didn’t want to see any other gown.

Now you may be thinking that I chose my wedding dress a bit too quickly. My thoughts are if you fall in love with your dress, why keep searching for another? I’m not the best clothes shopper in the first place, but I also don’t like to overwhelm myself with so many choices. I surprised myself and my mum, as we were fully prepared to be shopping around for at least another month for the perfect dress.

Well, now that I’ve got my wedding gown I thought I’d share with you some tips for finding your perfect dress:

  1. Do not be too rigid in your choices – it’s great to have an idea in your head, however know that it’s even better to be open to other dress choices. You really won’t know what you like until you actually try on different types of dresses, so don’t make up your mind up just because what’s hanging on the hanger doesn’t match your ideal.
  2. You may need to book an appointment – a lot of bridal stores like it when you book appointments as they can spend time with you to help with your choices. However I didn’t book any appointments as I was just casually looking and it worked for me!
  3. Take as few people as possible with you – have you heard of that saying ‘too many cooks, spoil the broth’? Well I’m glad that my mum and I went alone to the bridal store, as it meant that I didn’t have too many voices telling me about what I like and don’t like. It’s great having my mum, as she knows the kind of dress I like and it also felt more intimate. I’d say have 2 other people with you at most is probably best – as it still keeps the element of surprise for everyone else!
  4. Have a budget and stick to it – I know I’ve said not to limit yourself, but when it comes to money and financing a wedding everything needs to fit within budget including your dress. You can find some beautiful dresses without the eye-watering price tag.
  5. Give yourself enough time to find your dress – when we went shopping we weren’t restricted by time or necessity to find a dress that day. It was easy. No expectations. Sometimes that’s the best way. It also makes life easier for the store and dress maker, so nothing is rushed. In store they told us they prefer to have at least 1 year to prepare a dress.
  6. Wear easy / comfy clothing – you’ll find that bridal store assistants will want you to try on as many dresses as possible and if you’re going to more than one store that’s a lot of changing you’re going to have to do!
  7. White isn’t the only bridal gown choice – I used to think that I had to get married in a white wedding gown, but actually trying on different colours opened my eyes to the beauty of different shades on my skin tone. Actually white didn’t even look that great on me!
  8. The first try on of your dress is the worst it’ll ever look on you – even though I found the perfect dress for me, it didn’t look perfect when trying it on. They were clipping and pinning things to the dress so I had to use a lot of imagination. I can’t wait for my first official fitting!
  9. Have your deposit ready – you just never know when you’ll find the right dress and you’d hate to leave the store only to return later and it’s no longer available.
  10. Once you’ve chosen your dress take as many pictures as possible – it’s important to do this whilst wearing the dress as it won’t be for a few months before you and your dress are reunited and you need to ensure you get your shoes in time for the fitting!
  11. The dress is just the beginning – you need to think about your veil (one tier or two tier?), tiara or no tiara? Shrug or no shrug? Adding any adjustments to your dress like sleeves or covering cleavage? Jewellery? The list goes on.

So that’s another thing to tick off my list! So far the venue and wedding dress are both sorted. Now for everything else!

If you want to catch up on my engagement announcement post, be sure to read here!

Speak soon,

Vicky xx

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