Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette | Christmas 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette | Christmas 2017

It’s that time of year, when companies have started to release their Christmas items and I love it! I’ll be honest, last year I went a bit over the top with the Christmas release purchases, but this year I’ve decided to only stick to items that truly catch my eye, and the Galaxy Palette by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range definitely did that.


The Galaxy Palette is a limited edition palette release, which contains 14 ‘stardusted’ shades, each with a different finish of either sheer, glittery topcoats, or smokey shimmery hues with more pigmentation as their base colour. I’ll say it now – this palette does not contain ANY matte shades, so if you are one to not like a palette without mattes, then this isn’t for you. Also note that this is an all glitter palette too, but with different glitter formulas so again if this isn’t your type of thing, then you may want to stay away.


The shades and their finishes have each been listed below:

Oh-Zone – Platinum Glitter Topcoat
Xtra Terrestrial – Smoky Moss With Iridescent Green Glitter
Mars On Fire – Copper Rose Glitter Topcoat
Cosmic Ocean – Aqua Glitter Topcoat
Ultraviolit – Smoky Violet With Iridescent Glitter
Lightyear – Smoky Charcoal With Gold Glitter
Midnight Bolt – True Blue With Superfine Glitter
Meteor Crush – Pink And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Sublime – Mint And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Planet Ex – Smoky Brown With Iridescent Glitter
Space Owt – Smoky Grape With Holographic Blue Glitter
Jupiter Sand – Smoky Chocolate With Iridescent Purple Glitter
Milky Way – Ivory With Iridescent Glitter
Sunburst – Amber With Gold Glitter

I personally have no issues with the palette being all glitter. Let’s be honest here, it’s nothing new to the market to have an all glitter palette (Moondust by Urban Decay ring a bell?), so when I saw that Rihanna had decided to venture down this route I thought ‘good on her’. If we really think about it, the market is saturated with mattes or a mixture of mattes and shimmers, so it’s great to see something different, if not necessarily new.


Now of course when working with glitters you will have to work on your application, and this palette is no exception. Most of the shadows work best with a glitter glue to ensure they last a long time on your eyelids, otherwise you’ll experience some fall out throughout the day as well as some fading (especially from the glitter topcoats).

The shadows with more pigmentation worked better and I found that I didn’t necessarily need to use a glitter glue or even a base colour for them to show (Lightyear, Sunburst and Midnight Bolt). Some of the more interesting shades such as Space Owt and Ultraviolit, I found, had quite subtle pigmentation, so they would definitely need to be placed on top of a base eyeshadow. Another point to note is that most of these shades work best when applying with your fingers, as it’s easier to pack on the glitters with less fall out.


The packaging of the Galaxy Palette is a real standout. I LOVE the rainbow reflective packaging of the palette itself, although it does attract finger print stains! The palette’s outer packaging comes with the Fenty name written in glitter! Overall I’ve enjoyed using this palette – is it something for me to reach for everyday? No. Will I repurchase this? No. But I’ll definitely be making the most of it during this party season. This palette has a short shelf life of 9 months, which may be because of the glitters.

Check out my initial Fenty Beauty impressions in the video below:

The Galaxy Palette retails for £39, and can be found in-store and online at Harvey Nichols here. For more palette reviews click here



  1. November 13, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    I love the close up shots you did of this palette and I get what you mean that you won’t repurchase it due to color scheme and the all glitter selection. I really like the vibrant packaging. Great review! 🙂

    • Victoria
      November 13, 2017 / 6:47 pm

      Thank you! It really is a pretty palette. But definitely a one off and not needed! X

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