What I’m Loving | June 2017 

What I’m Loving | June 2017 

Happy July lovelies! I’m not too sure when this post will go live but hopefully it won’t be too long into July when you’re reading this! So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been loving this past month – I warn you, I can be very random at times!


So I’ll start with a beauty favourite and this past month I have to say that a stand out for me these past couple of weeks has been the gorgeous Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I won’t go into too much detail here yet, as I plan on writing a full review very soon, but guys?! This palette is beautiful! Of course I’m biased as I’m a lover of berry and orange, warm tones in eyeshadows – so this is right up my street. I’ll be honest though – I wasn’t too sure about it initially when I saw some swatches online that looked quite dull, but when I actually got it I realised this wasn’t the case. I definitely recommend this for warm tone lovers, and particularly if you’ve not necessarily been a fan of other Naked palettes (like me) – you may be pleasantly surprised. I got my palette last during the one day early release, but the official release date is this month!

UD Naked Heat Palette

UD Naked Heat Palette


I was recently sent some Essie nail polishes to try and review for www.brownbeautytalk.com and one of the shades I received was from the Wild Nudes collection called Clothing Optional. This is the PERFECT ‘nude’ pink/brown shade for my skin tone and is such an easy shade to wear. I also really enjoy the Essie formula too as I find them quite long lasting. Alongside the Essie polish I rediscovered the ORLY EPIX sealcoat polish which is basically a topcoat. I’m not sure why I stopped using this, but this is hands down one of my favourite topcoats (as well as Seche Vite) for keeping my polish lasting without chipping. It also has a smooth application too without feeling thick and gloopy.

Essie Wild Nudes 'Clothing Optional'

Essie Wild Nudes ‘Clothing Optional’

Skin Care

I think my most exciting ‘discovery’ this past month has been The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner (I’ve reviewed it here) as I wasn’t expecting it to do much when I initially bought it and kind of just bought it out of curiosity. This is now my favourite skin toner that I’ve tried, as I find it works great at mattifying my oily skin as well helping with my blemishes. I’ve honestly been using it for nearly a month now and just got to the half way point, so will definitely need a top up. I use this after cleansing in the morning, as well as right before bed and it definitely helps to clear any impurities your cleansing may have missed. It also has a cooling effect too which feels great on the skin. I can’t rave about it enough – and the best thing is it’s only £6!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner


Right so I’m not going to say I’ve discovered the most amazing diet pill or weightless drink – infact my favourite thing this month regarding my health has been to drink water. Yes you read that right – WATER! I’ve never been one to like drinking water, but I hired a personal trainer (thanks to my fiancé!) and the first thing she said to me was that she could tell from my skin that I was very dehydrated and I needed to increase my water in take. This was the best advice I’ve taken regarding my health for a while, as I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin. My skin is much clearer, softer and brighter. I drink between 2 – 3 litres of water each day, and honestly I can’t see myself returning to drinking any less!



I got myself some braids! I’ve been seeing people with box braid styles for a while now and always wanted to try it for myself. I will say I’m still getting used to their thickness and weight, but I’m loving this style on me. I also added silver bead clasps to it too which amps up the style – love! I have natural afro hair, but having the braids is so simple to wear! I just need to figure out how to sleep comfortably and shower without getting my hair wet (I can’t find a shower cap big enough for my braids!)

Me with box braids


This past month I’m glad I decided to try out the Hello Fresh UK box – I purchased the Classic Box for 50% off and loved the fact I could choose what was coming in my box. I’ve made some really tasty meals as well as healthy  ones. I plan on going into more detail with a dedicated post, but for now just take a look at one of the meals I made the other day: Fragrant Lamb Pilaf – YUM! Use the code VICOGO here for £25 off your first box! 

Hello Fresh Fragrant Lamb Pilaf

Hello Fresh Fragrant Lamb Pilaf

What’s been your favourite thing this month? Let me know below!

Vicky x


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